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Chicken Wings

.80 cents per wings

At Margarita Grill, we pride ourselves on serving up some of the tastiest chicken wings around. Our wings are crispy, juicy and the perfect addition to any meal. 

Our wing flavors include Diablo, Buffalo, Lemon Pepper, and Plain. Each wing is only .80 cents and for that price you'll get a taste explosion in your mouth! 

The Diablo wings are for the bold and daring, packed with a spicy kick that will leave your taste buds tingling. The Buffalo wings are for the wing purists, slathered in a classic buffalo sauce that's tangy and spicy. The Lemon Pepper wings are for those who love a zesty, citrusy flavor, and the Plain wings are for those who prefer their wings without any added flavors. Whatever your preference, we have a wing for everyone at Margarita Grill!


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