Our menu items are prepared with a passion for perfection, and your guests will be raving about the wonderful food for days to come. The Margarita Grill offers flavorful Mexican cuisine that includes fajitas, salads, and deserts.  Our menu has been developed with your needs in mind.

Fajita Bar:

Feeds 10 - 12 

Mesquite Grilled Chicken, Steak, or Combo 

Served atop a bed of grilled onions and green bell peppers
Garnish (lettuce, sour cream, and shredded cheese)

Side of rice and beans

Flour tortillas 

Chips and Salsa


Steak  $127.03

Chicken  $99.03

Combo  $113.03

Taco bar:

Feeds 10 - 12

Ground Beef or Mesquite Grilled Chicken

Includes:  Garnish (Lettuce, tomatoes, and shredded cheese)

Side of rice and beans 

Chips and Salsa

Your choice of soft or hard shell tortillas

Ground Beef or Chicken  $80

Quesadilla appetizer: 

A flour tortilla topped with fresh Monterey Jack cheese and pico de gallo and

Your choice of Grilled Chicken, Steak, or Combo

Sandwiched with another tortilla and placed on our flat-iron grill

 and melted for optimum cheesiness and crunch!

Sides:  Lettuce, tomatoes, pickled jalapeño, sour cream, and guacamole

Chicken  $8.99 

Steak  $12.74 

Combo  $11.99 

Carnitas Bar:

Feeds 10 - 12

Marinated pulled pork, fried with onions

Includes:  Rice and beans 

Flour tortillas

Garnish (Lettuce, pico de gallo, and guacamole) 



Cuban Sandwiches: 

Toasted Cuban bread, chopped pork, ham, minced pickles, and Monterrey Jack cheese

Side of French fries

Side of BBQ Sauce and Ketchup


Gallon of tea (Sweet or Unsweet):  $5.50


Gallon of Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade:  $8.99

Sopapilla Dessert: 

Feeds 10 - 12
Deep fried flour tortillas seasoned in cinnamon and drizzled with honey


We provide all of the plates, cups, plasticware, serving utensils, Etc.

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