We have live music nearly every night at the Margarita Grill. Our outdoor patio and sports bar area features televised sports, drinks, live bands, music and games. A GREAT Time for everyone!

Live Music almost every night at The Margarita Grill. Our outdoor patio and sports bar area features live sports, drinks, live bands, music, games.

Monday, 12/15 Brendan Young

Tuesday, 12/16 Joe Brickenridge

Wednesday, 12/17 Steven Martin

Thursday, 12/18 Robert Abernathy

Friday, 12/19 Patio#1 Pocket Change Patio#2 Josh Wheeler

Saturday, 12/20 Tim & Keith

Sunday, 12/21 Curt Greeger

Monday, 12/22 Chip McCain

Tuesday, 12/23 Robert Abernathy

Wednesday, 12/24 FELIZ

Thursday, 12/25 NAVIDAD!!

Friday, 12/26 Mark Hill

Saturday, 12/27 Robert Abernathy

Sunday, 12/28 Zippy

Monday, 12/29 Chip McCain

Tuesday, 12/30 Curt Greenger

Wednesday, 12/31 Pocket Change Happy New Year!!

Thursday, 1/1 John Elrod Happy New Year!!!

Friday, 1/2 Patio#1 Nate Smith Patio#2 Robert Abernathy

Saturday, 1/3 Josh Wheeler

Sunday, 1/4 Chip McCain

Monday, 1/5 Bredan Young

Tuesday, 1/6 Joe Brickenridge

Wednesday,1/7 Zippy

Thursday, 1/8 Mark Hill

Friday, 1/9 Robert Abernathy

Saturday, 1/10 Patrick Travis

Sunday, 1/11 John Elrod

Monday, 1/12 Joe Brickenridge

Tuesday, 1/13 Zippy

Wednesday, 1/14 Chip McCain

Thursday, 1/15 Charles Barret

Friday, 1/16 Patio#1 Reese Patio#2 Robert Abernathy

Saturday, 1/17 Patrick Travis

Sunday, 1/18 Joe Brickenridge

Monday, 1/19 Brendan Young

Tuesday, 1/20 John Elrod

Wednesday, 1/21 Zippy

Thursday, 1/22 Josh Wheeler

Friday, 1/23 Patio#1 Robert Abernathy Patio#2 Mark Hill

Saturday, 1/24 Joe Brickenridge

Sunday, 1/25 Chip McCain

Monday, 1/26 Brendan Young

Tuesday, 1/27 Jonathan Guthrie

Wednesday, 1/28 Charles Barret

Thursday, 1/29 Josh Wheeler

Friday, 1/30 Patio#1 Chirs Giovanelli Patio#2 John Elrod

Saturday, 1/31 Reese

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