We have live music every night at the Margarita Grill. Our outdoor patio and sports bar area features televised sports, drinks, live bands, music and games. A GREAT Time for everyone!

Live Music almost every night at The Margarita Grill. Our outdoor patio and sports bar area features live sports, drinks, live bands, music, games.

May 2017
Tue-23-Steve Martin
Wed-24-Tyler Dennis
Thurs-25-Curt Granger
Frid-26-patio-1-Robert Abernathy
2-Jus Joe
Sat-27-patio-1-Justin P Harris
2-Dee Dee
Sund-28-Terry & Adam
Mond-29-Michael Witner
Tue-30-Joe Brickenridge
Wed-31-Buffalo Larry
Thur-1- Rob west
Frid-2-patio -1-Robert Abernathy
2 -Jeson Mayo
Sat-3-patio-1-Spell Bound
2-Jus Joe
Sund-4-Justin P Jarris
Mond-5-Jamie L
Wed-7-Matt Bennet
Thur-8-Curt Grenger
Frid-9-patioa-1-D.B Cooper
2-Tyler Dennis
Patio-2-Dee Dee
Sund-11- CJ
Mond-12-Joe Brickenridge
Tue-13 -Oliver Stansell
Wed-14-Megan Kane

Frid-16-patio-1- John & Gio
2 – Jeson Mayo
Sat-17-patio-1-Brian Dunagan
2-Buffalo Larry
Sund -18-Katie
Mond-19-Joe brickenridge
Tue-20-Brian Dunagan
Wed-21-Matt Bennet
Thurs-22-Justin P Harris
Frid-23-patio-1-The Martini Shaker Band
Patio-2-Rob West
Sat-24-Patio-1-Robert Abernathy
Patio-2-Ross Butter
Sund-25-Oliver Stansell
Tue-27-Megan Kane
Wed-28-Buffalo Larry
Thur-29-Curt Granger
Patio-2-Jus Joe

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