We have live music every night at the Margarita Grill. Our outdoor patio and sports bar area features televised sports, drinks, live bands, music and games. A GREAT Time for everyone!

Live Music almost every night at The Margarita Grill. Our outdoor patio and sports bar area features live sports, drinks, live bands, music, games.

Mon 29 Brendan Joung
Tue 30 Josh Wheeler
Wed 1, Patrick Travis
Thu 2, Johnny Dixon
Fri 3, Patio 1 DB Cooper Patio 2: Robert Abernathy
Sat 4, Patio 1 Hulger Pimiento
Sun 5, Charles Barrett
Mon 6, Chip McCain
Tue 7, Jus Joe
Wed 8, Buffalo Larry
Thu 9, Curt Granger
Fri 10, Patio 1: Tim, Keith, Patio 2: Patrick Travis
Sat 11, Patio1; Spellbound; Patio 2: Joe Breckenridge
Sun 12, Johnny Dixon
Mon 13, Paige Cleveland
Tue 14, Randy
Wed 15, Brett Stewart

Thu 16, Chip McCain
Fri 17, Patio 1: Pocket Change, Patio 2: Josh Wheeler
Sat 18, Patio 1 Timbukkoo Patio 2: Josh Wheeler
Sun 19, Patrick Travis,
Mon 20, TBA
Tue 21, Curt Granger
Wed 22, Charles Barrett
Thu 23, Johnny Dixon
Fri 24, Patio 1 Pocket Change, Patio 2: Robert Abernathy
Sat 25, Patio 1 Steve Rocket, Patio 2: Buffalo Larry
Sun 26, Joe Breckenridge
Mon 27, Chip McCain
Tue 28, Randy
Wed 29, Paige Cleveland
Thu 30, Josh Wheeler
Fri 31, Giovanelli

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